About Lynsey

Hello, friend! My name is Lynsey Bock. I live in small town outside of Portland, Oregon with my husband, Jason, our son, Zachariah, and our two dogs, Penny and Hudson. I am a full-time homemaker and part time writer and Bible teacher.

I admire and have learned from the teaching of many other women Bible teachers, including: Jen Wilkin, Nancy Guthrie, and Kathleen Nielson. I've also benefited from being trained in expositional teaching by The Charles Simeon Trust and The Verity Fellowship, and by being mentored and encouraged by my church family at Gresham Bible Church.

When I have free time, I love reading, going on walks with my son and the dogs, and watching little birds visit my feeders while I drink my morning coffee. 

Mom and Son
Lynsey and Zachariah
Lynsey and Jason
Penny & Hudson