Seven Deadly Thoughts

Seven Deadly Thoughts

I’ve shared before about my struggles with the temptation to hide my flaws to protect my pride. The sins I’m most eager to be free of are the ones that become apparent in my behaviors, because they tarnish my much-beloved image of myself. I focus so much on my outward actions and never go after the thoughts that preceded them: those heart-deep struggles that begin with my very thoughts.

It’s like mowing over weeds but never destroying up the roots: it may look better, but the problem is still there.

We will never truly be like Christ if we seek only to look holy on the outside while our insides are a mess. We have to go into those deep and painful places and allow God to heal them. The key to true freedom is this: “let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think” [Romans 12:2, NLT].

That’s why I’m launching my first blog series! I’m calling it 7 Deadly Thoughts. Beginning next week, I’ll be digging into 7 types of particularly harmful thoughts that rob us of joy, stunt our spiritual growth, and tempt us to sin. Here are the types of “deadly” thoughts I’ll be discussing over the next few weeks:

#1: Prideful - Other people don’t live up to my high standards.

#2: UngratefulWhy does everyone else seem better off than me?

#3: Merciless - Some people are unworthy of my compassion.

#4: Self-serving - My needs come first.

#5: FearfulI have to take care of myself, because I can’t trust anyone else.

#6: VictimizedThe only way to fix my problem is for someone else to change.

#7: HopelessNothing will ever get better.

I’ll see you on Monday, when we’ll start with prideful thoughts!


What kinds of harmful thoughts do you struggle with? Did I miss any?